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Hannah Online connects local businesses with local customers,
delivering quality services to the customer.

Hannah Online is a Melbourne based media publisher which offers premium services from verified and trustworthy businesses. Hannah Online serves customers looking for reliable services in their local area. Our aim is to create a long-standing relationship between the customer and service provider.

Hannah Online is the online version of Hannah Direct, a successful direct marketing company that has been in operation for over twenty years. Hannah Direct is based in Australia and New Zealand – with partners in Singapore, North America and soon the United Kingdom.

How does it work?

Hannah Online offers customers a way to sample services. We carefully combine relevant offers for customers and give them the chance to try out services from any of the businesses advertised. By allowing customers to sample services in such a manner, businesses benefit from growing a loyal customer base, and customers have the opportunity to see the quality of service offered by these businesses.

What makes us different?

Hannah Online does not charge businesses to advertise with us. By connecting our customers with reliable businesses, we help create a stronger economy and an improved local community. We offer a way for business to grow their loyal customer base, without expensive marketing research, advertising campaigns, or cold calling.

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